Dangerous Journey (Homewrecker)

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Married Loser Testimonial about how deep and dangerous our relationship is becoming.  BTW, We met on Niteflirt.


married loser panties

Many Goddesses claim that they are the real thing. It’s often hard to know exactly what the real thing is. My initial encounters with this particular Goddess Stemmed from being sent pictures and videos. These erotic images Were hypnotic in the nature and kept bringing me back for more and more. These are not content pictures but pictures of the real goddess a very sexual goddess with a stunning body. She claims to have a 40 inch ass, It is peachy and will surely drive you to distraction.
I conversed with goddess and soon realised that she had a very dominant nature. A dominance that goes beyond what you normally encounter.
I soon realised that she would actually do it for real whatever was required to get into the mind of and understand better her prey or her slave or piggy or her puppy or her plaything.
Goddess makes videos of blackmail and coercion and manipulation. I made it clear at the outset that I did not wish to pursue a line of blackmail But she does make it so exciting and she does make it so tempting and so arousing that it’s a very dangerous game to play with this goddess.
I pay my weekly tribute as required and latterly Goddess has been paying herself with her money that used to be mine of course.
Goddess keeps me weak with her body and her ass and her pussy. This week as I was conversing with goddess she started to talk about my personal information that she had obtained. I knew that she had my name and I knew that she had my email address and I knew That she might find things out about me. I was not prepared for the lengths that she had gone to, I was not prepared for the sort of information that she had acquired, I was knocked out by how much she knew about me I was not prepared for the degree of social engineering had been put in place to learn all about this particular prey.
What follows is a situation where this particular slave does not wish blackmail but knows that it is an exciting game and knows that this particular goddess has significant levels of information.
Goddess set out to take control and has taken control, she makes this particular slave go deeper and deeper and deeper into the unending tunnel of slavery.
She owns his soul, his mind and his cock. She owns his gender and his sexuality.
This Goddess is very real and quite simply the scariest and most dominant dominatrix

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