A Year of Progress

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With his Gay Bear T shirt

I met him a year ago, and now he is one of my most devoted and real subs I ever met. I control his finances, what he wears, his food, his sexual inclinations.. in other words I control his whole life.

 Here’s his Testimonial about his 1st year under my control

For over a year now the only underwear I’ve worn has been panties. This has been one step in a process of change as desired by Miss Brat. The first panties I bought have been used so much that they’re worn out now. I still use them though as I’d rather wear old panties full of holes than spend Miss Brat’s money when I don’t need to.

My anus is much more athletic now. It’s had many good stretching sessions which over time have greatly increased its capacity. It craves larger and larger objects, and sizes that used to cause pain and discomfort now slip in with ease. It has been very enjoyable despite the pain and is a great challenge to be working towards more extreme sizes.

As a man my nipples are on the smaller side but with the use of suction they’ve been increased in size slightly. This has also caused them to increase in sensitivity which is a nice side effect. Progress is slow but will be continual.

I have committed sexual acts that are abnormal for a heterosexual male, ones that are more common for homosexual men.

I’ve started to learn how to use makeup. It’s very new for me, and I definitely need a lot of practice.

My finances are controlled. I have a budget for essential items each week, but any other spending needs permission. Giving away this control just makes everything easier. I have no worries that I’m spending money when I shouldn’t be.

All of these changes have made my life different and more interesting. For that I’m very grateful to Miss Brat.


Here are some of the acts I made him perform for me



Sucking his 1st cock for me


Taking Shane Diesel’s Cock in his pussyhole 
Gaping his Cunt
He adore my panties
More Bratty Panties Love
Well Motherfuckers, is this what you losers want for your life? If you choose this journey you must be able to obey my orders and $erve like a real pig (BIG LEAGUES).
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