Femdom Toilet Domination POV

Toilet Domination POV: Hairy Holes Cleaning



Toilet Domination POV

Miss Brat, an assured and dominant lady, sat on the toilet seat along with her hairy asshole and pussy exposed. She became on top of the state of affairs, participating in every second. Her submissive slave kneeled earlier than her, eagerly looking forward to his commands. With a smirk on her face, miss Brat spoke softly yet firmly: “You may start licking my hairy  asshole.” The submissive guy failed to hesitate; he leaned ahead and started out kissing and licking Miss Brat’s hairy anus with passion. She moaned in pleasure as he worked his tongue around her anal ring, teasing it lightly earlier than pushing deeper inner. As he persevered pleasuring her rear front, miss Brat reached down between her legs to play with herself at the same time as looking at his paintings diligently under. Her palms slid thru her pussy lips till they found their target – the hard nub at its middle that throbbed in anticipation of being touched via someone else’s tongue or palms quickly sufficient… which passed off just moments later while she ordered him up off his knees so she could sit down returned on them as an alternative! Now located perfectly for oral provider from under (and above), miss Brat spread open both units of folds so there has been no mistaking what wished interest next: “Lick me smooth,” she commanded evenly but authoritatively; understanding full properly how aroused this act made both parties concerned feel – specifically while blended with verbal encouragement like hers! The submissive guy obliged without hesitation; diving headfirst into exploring every crevice inside – lapping at droplets clinging desperately onto internal partitions like valuable nectar from some forbidden fruit tree simplest accessible through submission itself…

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