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The bare feet voyeur spies on me as I lay on the sofa, my toes curling and uncurling, my feet twitching and flexing. I can feel his gaze on me, his eyes fixed on the soles of my feet, the soft, delicate skin he longs to touch. My mind races with forbidden fantasies, and I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to have him there with me, to watch me as I pleasure myself, to feel his hot breath on my toes as he worships them.

I spread my legs wider, inviting him to come closer, to see every inch of my flesh. His eyes lock onto my pink, plump toes, and I can almost hear the sound of his ragged breaths as he watches me, his fingers twitching with desire. I close my eyes and let my mind drift, imagining his rough tongue lapping at my feet, his lips kissing each toe, and his fingers massaging my arches.

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