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Sissy Erotica: Husband and his Dominant Wife

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 Sissy Slut Training by his Dominant Wife

He and his wife checked into an off-road motel. The service wasn’t bad, but they weren’t here for the pool or the landscape; they came here to enjoy in their marital games. He was a sissy and loved to suck other guys’ cocks. His wife was dominant, completely in control of her sissy, weak husband and she loved to encourage him to be her sissy slut. She loved to arrange these weekend motel meetings where they would seduce guys and then she’d get to watch her meek, submissive husband sucking other guys’ dicks.

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They already had something planned. After years of their sissy games, they had a pretty big circle of friends and partners, and one of them was coming to the motel tonight. They actually met here for the first time a few months back, and the guy was drawn both to her cold, unrelenting beauty and her husband’s weak, submissive attitude. The husband was a guy in his mid 40-es, toned and attractive, but there was something in his eye that told others that he was in complete control of his wife. The wife was a tall, blonde beauty with cold cobalt eyes that shone with an icy glow. Their partner was already there in the lobby, sipping his whiskey and waiting for them. They gave him a sign to come up to their room.

He is a Total Cock Whore

When he entered he was greeted by completely submissive sissy. The sissy guy was already unzipping his pants and starting to stroke his hard dick while the wife watched everything, dressed only in a light, transparent dress. He could see that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath; her areolas and nipples protruded through the light fabric, and she was stroking her wet clit. Her husband pulled his pants down and his cock came out with a thud against his abs. It was a nice, long cock and the sissy began working on it right away. The sissy slowly swallowed the whole thick rod and then licked the basis of the shaft with his tongue. Stroking and massaging his full balls, the sissy then rhythmically gave him a blowjob, bobbing up and down until he was rock hard. He continued to pull sissy’s hair and to push his head towards his cock. The wife was cheering from the chair and encouraging her husband to be even more submissive, to beg for that hard dick, to humiliate himself even more.

Cum all over His Sissy Face

And the husband did: he begged him to cum all over his face, to fuck his mouth like a real man; the husband pleaded to show his wife who was the real man around here and to make him submit to his raw power. He pushed all nine inches of his hard dick inside the sissy’s mouth. Sissy almost chocked when he felt the real man’s dick inside his throat, but managed to gulp and gasp for breath. The sissy came in his pants without even touching himself; the very idea that his wife was watching him while he sucked this guy’s big dick was intoxicating. It was too much and he creamed his underwear while the guy was nowhere near cumming.

The guy continued to fuck his face and to fuck him. He told him he’s worthless, that he’s not a real man, that he’ll show his wife what a real guy can do. He had him in his power with his huge cock and wanted to drag the moment, to enjoy in every second while the sissy was sucking eagerly, swallowing that big rod while his wife watched and almost came. She furiously rubbed her clit and came loudly while her sissy husband was still trying to satisfy a real man in the room. Finally, the guy came and shot a dozen of thick ropes of cum, arching all the way up to the wife, ending it with a few drops on sissy’s face. Sissy licked his cockhead clean and swallowed every drop of the real man’s cum while begging him for another round. The sissy felt who the real man was and wanted to have some more of that fantastic feeling of being dominated by a really hung guy.

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