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One Wrong Move

He did this so many times; he would sneak into the neighbors’ houses and then rummage through their things. He never stole money, or anything of value, no; only panties. They were the main prize for him, the biggest secret sissy in their quiet little suburb. He was always so careful. He would check to see if anyone was home, called them to make sure the houses were empty, and then proceed to steal their panties. Later he’d enjoy the feeling of silky fabric on his skin, secretly nurturing his desires in the privacy of his own home. His wife never knew of his secret sissy obsession; he’d dress up like a real sissy and try on the panties, then take photos of himself. But this time the rush overpowered him and he failed to notice something… Something important.

When his neighbor caught him, he wasn’t really ashamed but scared that his life would crumble all over him. Would she tell his wife, his friends, and neighbors? Would she reveal his secret? But no, this gorgeous redhead whose panties he desperately wanted to wear was a little more creative than he gave her credit. She slowly explained that she wants money, but not any kind of money – she insisted that he should find older black men and suck their cocks, and then he’ll give his earnings to her. He offered her outrageous amounts of money there and then, on the spot, to let him go and never speak of it again; but she was adamant and relentless. He had to yield.sissy husband sucks dick

He started posting ads on the internet: “married sissy secretly sucking cocks for money. discretion guaranteed”. A few days passed, and the redhead neighbor reminded him that she was still expecting her share. Lucky for him, he had several answers and booked an out-of-town motel to satisfy his customers. He took his sissy clothes and drove there, changing in the room and expecting his guests. And he had all kinds of guests; from married guys and fat men to older black dudes.

He was especially fond of this older black guy who would slowly enter the room and have sex with him without words. He was a guy in his fifties, powerfully built, with a thick neck and strong arms. When he first unzipped his pants the sissy was shocked: the cock was a real jawbreaker. It was wrist-thick, and he couldn’t even wrap his hand around this monstrous thing. It would certainly dislocate his jaw, and he opened his mouth so he could voice his concerns. The older black dude only stuffed his mammoth rod inside him, and he could feel the cockhead expanding, growing inside his mouth. He gave his best shot trying not to gag on this nature’s wonder; he licked the cockhead as much as he could while the big black dick was getting thicker and longer every second. It dwarfed his own, and the sissy started moaning from pleasure. He sucked the big black dick until the guy came into his mouth then and there, almost choking him with his warm cum. But sissy was an expert cum-drinker, and he drank every last drop of that warm semen.

She is a Motel Slut

He was in that sleazy motel quite a few times… Once he was with a weird looking guy, with long hair and a beard; it was like sucking off one of the first wild north settlers, trappers, and fur traders. His stubby but rock hard dick gave him immense pleasure because the weird dude has that sort of innate ruggedness, a natural masculinity and the ability to dominate this sissy. The sissy drank so much cum that night; the money served him well because he gave all of it to his hot neighbor. She even let him keep her panties as long as he was fulfilling his end of the bargain.

The sissy fondly remembered all those motel guests he had; some were younger and some were older. Some were married and some were single. He remembered one fat guy who was very nervous, explaining to him that he was never with a sissy before. The sissy tried to relax him, sucking his dick gently and eagerly, and licking every last drop of cum. He had quite a lot of fun with this guy, even though he was fat with a big belly. Compared to some of the others the fat guy was a treat; some guys were rough but not in a good way, and those day he would regret not checking twice where his redhead neighbor was when he tried to steal her panties. Once he was with an older guy who wanted to fuck him, but he limited himself to blow jobs; there were times when guys wanted hand jobs or refused to pay. Regardless, he had to suck other guy’s dicks to keep his secret.

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