Sissy Cuckold Husband Testimonial

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Testimonial of my Sissy Cuckold Fag Brianna about his “Miss Brat Text Messaging Nightmare”  experience.

This week has been one of the scariest, craziest weeks of my life thanks to the Miss Brat’s text assignment I bought from ebanned. She started the day with a phone call to my work saying “This is Miss Brat, I own YOU, This is Miss Brat, I own YOU, This is Miss Brat, I own YOU, This is Miss Brat, I own YOU,. A minute of this and I was being driven nuts.

By the end of the she could tell me  where I worked , what I did , how to reach me, who my wife is and how to ruin my life in three easy steps or less! I knew I was in for a crazy and wild week. She made me aware that it was going to be hell for me.

It started with a picture of me in my wife’s underwear and bra. This was humiliating, but even moreso because it’s posted on her website. She made me go on and tell her about how I am basically cuckold to my wife. She fucks hot men while I get nothing!. Miss Brat brat would just laugh and laugh and laugh at the opportunity to humiliate me. This went on for days.

Finally on Saturday, she made me do a Britney video for her. I had to dance to “hit me baby one more time” then tell everyone how much a fag I was then jerk off and eat my own cum.  I know she loved every minute of it. It is still up on her web site and youtube also. She really knows how to humiliate a fag.

It’s Britney Bitch!


Every morning afternoon and evening She would humiliate me through texts. I never would forget how much a fag I was and that I was her Brianna bitch. Even as this week is now over, one more photo to take and know matter how hard I try, I know I will be here bitch until she says so.



Sissy gay fag queer bitch Brianna

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