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Hotwife Visit Adult theaters and fuck strangers while her husband is at work

She looked herself in the mirror of a nearby shop before entering the Adult theater– it was the third visit this week. She’s wearing a light summer dress, fabric pressed against her tight breasts, lower part gently touching her firm legs and bubble but. She felt a rush of dizziness as she bought the ticket to an adult theater and entered the room – just like so many times before. She loved the excitement but there was nothing better than the thrill of the chase, that moment when she entered the dimly lit projection room while her husband was at work.gloryhole wife

It’s not that she wasn’t in love with her husband; she just loved sex more and wanted to have it as much as possible. And the whole idea of being fucked by strangers in shady adult movie theaters was beyond exciting – it was a dream coming true. She wasn’t paying attention to what was on screen; she checked who was seated where and began her hunt. She put one leg up and started stroking her leg sensually, inviting everyone who was brave enough to come and satisfy her cravings. One of the nearby patrons finally understood her call and approached. He was a guy in mid 30-es, nice looking, with a body of someone who works in an office but loves to run long distances. He nodded, then went behind her and started massaging her tits and kissing her neck. She managed a small moan while grabbing his head and turning to kiss him, and he quickly unzipped his pants and started massaging his already semi-hard dick.

While she was trying to see his dick, another guy approached and started touching her warm inner thighs. This guy was a bit older, in his mid 40-es; he expertly moved her dress up and went down to lick her horny, wet pussy. Even though he couldn’t see her shaved, pink lips and beautiful clit, he knew how horny she was, because she was shaking with every touch of his tongue that sent shivers down her spine. After a couple of minutes, she decided it was time to slip into something more comfortable and got up, only to spread her legs, position her knees on two seats and turn to the first guy, offering the older guy her tight ass. And he slowly spanked it while furiously rubbing his cock against her glutes, feeling how horny and ready she is. Meanwhile, the first guy finally showed his cock – a nice piece of rock hard meat which fit perfectly into her hungry mouth. She started giving him a blowjob and after a couple of minutes felt the older guy’s cockhead pressing against her pussy; she relaxed and invited him in, feeling how his big, hard cock is stretching her. The very thought of her husband not knowing that she’s being fucked by two strangers in an adult movie theater sent her into an orgasmic frenzy; the first orgasm took the older guy by surprise. She shook and moaned while the first guy came into her mouth at the same time, filling her with hot, warm jizz. She couldn’t swallow everything so she let some of it drop down on the floor – and even she doubted that these walls have seen something like her little performance. But the older guy was more experienced and proceeded to fuck her slowly, methodically, with rhythmical thrusts, up and down movements that felt so good, so right at the moment. When he came, it was a pleasure for the both of them – she left the theater thinking that she might visit this place again, in due time!

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