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The Ultimate Foot Domination Scenario: Financial Feet

She pulled on her stockings, feeling the smooth fabric against her shaved, soft skin. She really had beautiful legs – the mirror wasn’t able to lie, and she enjoyed watching her amazing, long, irresistible legs in their bedroom mirror. She was the dominant one in their relationship – her submissive husband was currently in celibacy, refraining from any kind of marital duties when it came to bedroom affairs. But it’s okay, she didn’t mind – she still had her feet to control him, to make him worship her, give her money and things.feet worship babes

He came back from work tired and nervous, but he also knew what was waiting for him – she already left him clues. He found a stocking right after door, and he knew that he had to rush into their bedroom to catch her before she finishes off. Jumping two steps at a time, he quickly climbed and saw what he was hoping to see – his beautiful, wife and her amazing feet high in the air. He slowly loosened his tie and sat next to her, knowing that he must remain chaste; it was his decision, but her legs could still control him. That pair of legs hypnotized him, mesmerized him and put a spell on him, for he worshiped every part of them: from slender soles and small, perfect toes, to gorgeous ankles and first, athletic calves, perfect knees to luscious, hot thighs that ended in that amazing, round, apple shaped ass of his wife. He let out a moan of pleasure when she started to slow dance to the music and to undress the stockings that she put on a few minutes ago. It was slow, agonizing, it was a torture to watch her – it was also the greatest pleasure he could think of, and she knew it. Once she took off her left stocking, she slapped her ass and moved her hand all over her leg; he knew what she was asking for. Money. Cold, hard cash is what she wanted, and he opened his briefcase, for he learned long ago that she loved the thrill of exchange, the idea of money being given to her because of her surreally beautiful pair of legs.

He started giving her smaller bills but quickly realized that she wasn’t in the mood for change and small things today; she wanted three digits, the big bucks, and if he ever wanted to continue watching her feet he had to pay. And that he did – he gave her one hundred, then two; three followed while she moved her legs and showed her feet from all angles. He touched her toes and she made him suck her feet, lick them and clean them good. He worshipped the ground that she walks on; he worshipped her feet, feeling happy and joyful that his dom wife was letting him enjoy in these games, these private moments. He didn’t mind that he had to pay – it was all a game, after all, and he knew that the pleasure that he got from sucking her toes and rubbing her feet far exceeded any kind of monetary value. He wanted so badly to own her, to have her, but he also knew that he must remain chaste in order to enjoy so much in these foot worshipping sessions. He continued to kiss her toes and to massage her calves, feeling how relaxed and horny she was, but she wanted more money. He could see it in her eyes, and he reluctantly emptied his wallet – she took everything he took from the ATM that afternoon. He knew that this foot domination session is about to end because she won’t indulge in his desires without some cold, hard cash.

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