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ASMR Erotica: My Juicy Asshole

ass fetish, Erotic Stories


 Your fingers press down, teasing my puckered hole, eliciting an ASMR response

A loud slurping sound as my ass clenches and unclenches. I move my hips slightly, barely holding back a moan as I feel your fingers sneak deeper into my ass. “I want more of you,” I whisper. You look up at me with a horny glint in your eyes. “I’m eager to give you what you want.” Your tongue flicks out, wetting your lips as you begin to lick circles around my anus. I can see the eagerness in your eyes, and I’m sure you’re feeling the same hunger that’s growing inside me. I arch my back, forcing my ass upward, bringing my puckered hole closer. The ASMR sounds intensify as your tongue probes deep inside me. You stand up, and I can feel your hard cock pressing against my thigh as you begin to lubricate it with your hand. I turn around, offering my naked body to you. As you line up your cock against my anus, I moan, feeling the tip of your dick trace the rim of my opening. I reach back, for you to guide me. You slide your cock into me, and I gasp at the sensation of being filled. You grip my hips as you thrust into me, and I reach back to feel your cock, pressing hard against my insides. You pull me closer, wanting deeper and faster. I can feel the pleasure coursing through my body, the ASMR sounds reverberating in the room. I reach around, pulling at my nipples, adding to the sensation. “Harder,” I whisper. “Faster.” You pick up the pace, my moans becoming louder and more desperate. Your fingertips dig into my skin as you thrust into me. I’m lost in a whirlwind of pleasure, the ASMR sounds becoming a part of my very being. I can’t help but push back against you, wanting to feel you deeper within me. You slam into me, driving me wild. I close my eyes, feeling the waves of pleasure crash over me as I landscape of my body explodes with ecstasy. I can feel my orgasm approaching, and I can’t hold back any longer. I scream out in ecstasy, then collapse onto the floor, trembling with aftershocks. “I can’t believe how amazing that was,”

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