Homewrecker Erotica: Spoiled Brat

homewrecker femdom

Homewrecker Erotica: Spoiled Brat

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Financial Domination story about a dangerous Homewrecker Brat.

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Miss Brat is like a boss. I correct it, she is not “like”, she is indeed a boss. Really, she is always dominating someone somewhere, she is just a natural born mistress. When she allows some cheater to participate in her sex games, things usually become much more serious, aggressive and edgy. Her new toy and I am not talking about some sex toy that you can get at a sex shop, I am talking about a guy that will be her own private sex and abuse toy. Her newest toy is her cheating neighbor. The guy is married to a really decent woman, she is actually hot somehow, not like Miss Brat of conservative wife is a lesbiancourse. But the guy had everything to not have the need to seek for adventures, but the reality is a little bit different since he loves to cheat on his wife. So, the guy loves to hunt and now is now trapped on Miss Brat’s hands, just like a bug is trapped in a spider web. Miss Brat is a major home wrecker and when she starts to demand things, she has no limits for sure. The cheating husband is now committed to spoiling her with his wife’s money. Yes, she will suck all that money, milking the cow until the last drop. And all this is not a guarantee of sex, actually, she will have sex when and if she wants to, and usually is not with her male sub. Those usually will only suffer and behave like her property, they will be stripped off their identity and are not human beings anymore. They will have no hungry, no cold, no pain, no free will and finally no sex! A poor wife that will be explored and abused by losing all her hard earned money. But Miss Brat is a ruthless bitch with not even a trace of mercy or ability to feel pity for anyone, so once you are on her sticky web, you are done for life. The husband will be spending all the money on stuff that Miss Brat doesn’t actually need, but she just needs to be spoiled and feel the sensation of power and destruction. The urban dictionary should have a new entry meaning destruction: Miss Brat! After the guy buys some expensive and useless stuff, Miss Brat will typically not like it and demand even more stuff just to make the guy feels more useless and weak. She is the one who makes the rules and he just needs to obey without questioning anything. Now, her new crazy demanding is to be covered by money, all her body covered by it. The poor guy who is now withdrawing money from his wife’s saving bank accounts, just to keep homewrecker storiesMiss Brat minimally in satisfaction. She will probably want to be taken some pictures, or even better, a video of her all naked and covered with all that cash bragging about it. All that while on the couple bed. Guess what will happen to that video? Yes, probably she will make him show it to her wife just to humiliate her! Miss Brat is like a country that will spread the “democracy” to another country, destroying all the economy and stealing all the natural resources. She has that power, she will humiliate her male sub and at the same time his wife. How cool is that? But if you think that Miss Brat can’t go even deeper on her way of humiliating her victims, wait and see! She probably will even send that content to the wife’s phone so that the poor woman come back home as fast as possible to watch the show in the first person. And now the most unbelievable thing you are about to read today, all this and he probably will not be allowed to fuck Miss Brat anyway, because she is fucked when she wants to be, and no guy will buy it from her, not even with piles of money. And the even most unbelievable thing is that the guy will love to be treated like that without ever get real sex with her! Crazy thing, right? Now that is what I call a perfect mistress!

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