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Foot Fetish Erotica: Girlfriends

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Kate and Helena are two kinky foot fetish freaks

Lesbians are always a good point of start for every love story, and when I say love, I mean sex, that must be clear. I am sure that you are not here because of love, the reason is because sex is the name of the game! Kate is a young hot blonde with a super fit body and her friend Helena, a damn hot nice MILF, both came from the gym, no wonder how to fit those two hot bodies are, they work it hard every day and every inch of hotness are made with a lot of sweat. By the way, these two girls are fans of the feet fetish especially when there is a lot of sweat involved. Enough to be said that the conditions for a nice erotic moment are created and sooner or later these two sexy ladies will be all excited and doing naughty things to each other. They feel the stinky feet, all that smell foot fetish girlfriendsmake them completely aroused and probably with their pussies all wet, but that is something that we all can expect to happen, at least the ones who are true fans of this great fetish. Kate is fresh and young, Helena is hot an experienced, so they complete to each other as a lesbian couple. Kate is aroused with the scent from Helena’s feet and starts to say dirty words which Helena reacted instantly implying that that was the time for some action, right before they could take a shower, damn that smell is gold, sorry but only real fans will understand this. For the rest, we are sorry but looks like you are doing it wrong! Helena is all about sniffing Kate’s dirty feet, actually, it is not a simple thing about sniffing the dirty feet, it is more than that, it is a matter of worshiping it! All that toxic smell is just what makes them super horny, but just smelling it is enough because there is more work to be done. Helena was in pursuit of more action so she decided to take off one Kate’s socks so that the smell of that dirty foot could be intensified and smelled by her very sensible nose. The scent was very active, and for moments it can be noticed by Helena’s face, the more she sniffs it the more she is getting horny about it. It is time for another dose and slowly she strips off the other foot, those white socks are just disgusting, just like we all love! Kate is also very excited about the idea and now it is her turn to be satisfied by worshiping Helena’s feet. She slowly takes off half of Helena’s sock from the first smelly foot, oh my god, this hot MILF produced much more sweat than the young hottie, or lesbian feet worshipat least the smell of her feet are much more intense, and that I very good! Probably she worked out even more just to make sure she keeps that super fit mature body. By now Kate is living her dream when it comes to this fetish, because she never felt so much pleasure doing it than today, maybe it is something about the kind of socks or the kind of sneakers that are old. Everyone knows that an old pair of sneakers will produce a lot more precious smell and I might be precisely what happened since Helena is much more mature than Kate, so she will for sure know all the tricks to achieve the best effect. Since Kate sniffed all the scent from that foot, she actually looked more like a vacuum cleaner, now it is time to go on the other foot. The same story must be told, with the major difference that now both gals are almost satisfied and to end up the day perfectly, they will keep up doing the other naughty things that lesbians love. I am sure that I need to explain all those details to you! Only after all of that, they will take a deserved shower in order to clean off all the dirt and sweat and soon will be all clean and fresh for another day of work.


(Brat Perversions)

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