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Fetish Erotica: Feet Freak

When a woman is in her prime, guys can feel that – she exudes a sexual scent, her feet are perfect and almost palpable aura of sensuality that cannot be duplicated. 

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That’s why her young roommate was always checking her feet out: she was a beautiful petite MILF in the early forties, someone who has enough confidence to left a room full of men breathless; she knew how sexy and attractive she is, and always ran around their apartment half naked, in the bathrobe or skinny outfits, showing her amazing tits or tight ass. But her young roommate wasn’t really interested in that – though he didn’t mind a lesbian foot smellinggreat pair of tits or a bubble butt, rather in the fact that she had an amazing pair of perfect feet, unlike anything he’s ever seen!

When she came home from work, he was already waiting for her – he was in college, built like a swimmer; long torso, slender yet masculine arms and a wisp of chest hair. He was giving her the look – and she knew where this was going. She nodded, went to change and shower, and then came back into the room wearing nothing except a see-through nightgown. She looked regal, elegant, like a royal painting that came to life. Instead of kissing her, he knelt and kissed her perfect feet – and she giggled since his fuzz tickled her a bit, but sat down to give him access to all parts of her amazing legs.

He started slowly: from inner thighs all the way down to her soles, massaging, stroking and cuddling every part of her legs, he felt her shudder with excitement. Meanwhile, she massaged her big, round tits, licking her areolas and squeezing them. He started sucking her toes: first the smallest one and then working his way inside. She moved slightly with each lick and he knew that she was already wet and horny, for he could see her pink pussy eagerly awaiting the climax. But he wasn’t ready to let her go so easily; there might be a twenty-year difference between them, but he wasn’t new to this. He made her lie down, and then pulled her legs up so he could bask in their glory and catch their magnificence in full view; she started moaning and rubbing her clit while he was sucking her toes. He could feel his cock pushing against the fabric, and he let it outside; his rod was already as hard as stone, ready to blow a load all over those amazing soles. She moved her right foot while he was sucking her left on the couch and started playing with his balls – she knew that he could last for hours sucking those beautiful small toes, but she wanted more; she wanted to be released and to explode with passion and excitement.

He licked her soles now; these were soft, beautiful soles that offered silky, smooth surface to his tongue. He could feel her left foot on his balls, which were full of warm jizz. It was time to change legs – he took the left on and proceeded to massage it, to kiss it and rub it as she was rubbing her enlarged clit, reaching fo the climax. It was time; they both felt it. He got up, towering over her and started jacking off furiously; she rubbed her pussy and supported his balls with her feet. They both came at the same time, screaming and creaming each other, squirting and shooting load after a load of warm jizz all over her beautiful feet; he took her soles and started cleaning her because he was ready for another session!

(Girlfriend’s Feet)

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